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InShow MoreRelatedQuality of Life, Research Critique Essay845 Words   |  4 PagesRunning head: QUALITY OF LIFE, RESEARCH CRITIQUE Quality of Life, Research Critique Lisa Spann Grand Canyon University Introduction to Nursing Research NRS-433V Professor Anna Auler October 04, 2012 Quality of Life, Research Critique As the ability to prolong chronological life advances, the question is when is the effort enough or too much? The term coined â€Å"quality of life† or QoL is thrown out to be a point of reference. The certain point at which determined the efforts are no longerRead MoreThe Agency for Health Care Research and Quality Essay1860 Words   |  8 PagesHealth Care Research and Quality (AHRQ) Healthcare services should be provided to all people without discriminations of any nature. Professionals in the healthcare sector should ensure that while attending to patients, they act in accordance to the medical laws. Agencies regulating the healthcare industry ensure that all the health professionals act in accordance to the medical laws and people have access to high quality medical attention. The creation of the Agency for Health Care Research and QualityRead MoreQuality Research for Mike: An Illustrative Case Study Essay examples2082 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction The three research methodology paradigms are quantitative research, qualitative research and mixed research. Each of these paradigms uses different methods for research and collects different types of data. A quantitative research relies primarily on the collection of quantitative data while a qualitative research relies on the collection of qualitative data. A mixed research involves mixing quantitative and qualitative methods. As the research for the study, â€Å"Mike: An IllustrativeRead MoreHow My Writing Has Improved Greatly Improved After Taking English 103928 Words   |  4 Pageswe become capable of thinking in more abstract manners. The effectiveness of our writing is determined by our ability to think abstractly as well as how confident we are in our composition abilities. If we are lacking either of these two qualities, then the quality of our writing will suffer. I feel as if my writing has greatly improved after taking English 103. Over the course of this semester, my confidence in writing has improved greatly. In high school, I didn’t really know how to write effectivelyRead MoreThe Six Steps of Writing an Academic Essay1370 Words   |  6 PagesThere are six steps to writing an academic essay. If you follow each of these steps correctly, you will find that you can write university essays that will earn you a distinction (or high distinction) every time. It is simply a matter of understanding what steps to follow, and then completing each of them thoroughly. This article provides an outline and brief description of each of these steps. It is an introduction to a series of articles that will examine each step in more depth. Reading justRead More Difficulty Writing an essay at Tertiary Level1040 Words   |  5 PagesWriting an essay at Tertiary level is an extremely difficult process. â€Æ' Introduction The ability to write a quality piece of writing at the tertiary level is a procedure that does not come easily. As mentioned in Marshall and Rowland (2006, p.195).the complexity of developing a style of writing that is personal and academic while processing and developing thoughts and concepts into a presentable piece of academic writing can be a daunting process ( myself included ). This essay will discussRead MoreThe Critical Appraisal Of Quality Nursing Care1698 Words   |  7 PagesIn this essay I will critically appraise a qualitative research article of Burhans and Alligood, (2010). Qualitative research should understand the feelings of the patients, experience and the perception of health care professional (Franzel 2013). This assignment will focus on the critical appraisal of quality nursing care in the word of nurses. This appraisal will be assed according to the skill I have learned during this semester (Ingham and Broomfield, 2014). The evidence of this articleRead MoreReflection Of College Writing1637 Words   |  7 Pagesimprovements to the three primary essays assigned to use throughout the semester; the observational essay, the literacy narrative, and the informative essay. As I wrote each of these essays, my skill in multiple fields such as sensory details, organization, grammar, and research developed heavily, and as a result, my writing became much higher quality. These claims, nevertheless, are quite bold, and there is no better way to prove it than presenting it here. The first essay assigned to me was an observationalRead MoreReflection Paper1201 Words   |  5 Pageshaving to type an essay. Many class essays that I have wrote in the past resulted in poor scores and no personality. I didn’t have much help on what exactly to write about. As a result of that I have struggled to find creative topics to write about my essay. At the beginning of this class we wrote the Definition essay. I wrote about what makes a sports movie truly great. This essay was a real grind for me. I had a difficult time trying to think of what I wanted to write the essay about and how toRead MoreMy Relationship With Academic Writing791 Words   |  4 Pageslot. The main focus however was quantity over quality. We were given one essay every month to write in class for each of our classes. They made us write all of these essays in an effort to make us better writers, but never gave back any feedback. I picked up one skill with this and that was how to put words on a page and finish the assignment. The difference in college was the amount of essays I had to write went down, but the importance of these essays went up. My relationship with academic writing

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Why The Evm Is Not Used For A Important Concept On...

I agree with to begin to collect reasons why EVM it is not used accordingly and based on that to build up the examples. My first opinion is that EV is an important concept on measuring the progress of the project, but not well explored as a significant tool and in such context, I think that by knowing why the EVM is not used properly can lead toward how to use it. There are cases that PMs know the concept but it is unusable for different reasons as well as there are many cases in which the concept is not known. So leaving apart the second case, in which the concept is not known because for my opinion this is the simple case, in my mere opinion, the reasons why the EVM is not used correctly or it can not be used can be grouped by: -The project does not have requirements at all. -The requirements change frequently which make absolutely difficult to define correctly the budget and the schedule. -There are wrong estimations of working packages. -The process of change management doesn t work or is ineffective. -The process of calculation Actual Cost is insufficient (reminding here cost collection). -The incorrect progress of the project. I am pretty sure that the reasons I mention above can be enriched to a macro level with many arguments why the phenomena happen. Here below is a couple of examples of my of my reflections why EVM wasn’t used properly: - The scope of Ice on Ice project was the upgrade of the infrastructure of the Call Centre. Lack of understanding theShow MoreRelatedPm Ch. 13 Notes4446 Words   |  18 Pages1. Setting a goal. Project goal setting goes beyond overall scope development to include setting the project baseline plan. The project baseline is predicated on an accurate. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) process. Remember that WBS establishes all the deliverables and work packages associated with the project, assigns the personnel responsible for them, and creates a visual chart of the project from highest level down through the basic task and subtask levels. The project baseline is createdRead MoreEvaluation Of Routine Immunization Performance Essay8403 Words   |  34 Pagesefforts/plans for synergy between RI and Polio Eradication initiative for needed support for improvement 3) Explore the areas where CDC/NSTOP can contribute to strengthening the routine immunization and polio eradication. Methodology: The reviewer used the following methods to collect data/information for the review: 1) Review of recent reports, plans, publications and assessments on RI/PEI in Pakistan. 2) Meetings with key people responsible of management of RI and PEI at Federal level (NationalRead MoreInterview Question and Answer for Sap Sd10206 Words   |  41 Pages 1. What is total float? 2. What are the difference between free float and total float? 3. What is a constraint? 4. What are the difference between MS Project and Primavera? 5. How to load cost amp; resource in a program? 6. What is WBS? 7. What is a milestone? What are the types of milestone? 8. What are the difference between flag and milestone activity? 9. What is a critical activity? 10. What is resource allocation and leveling? 11. What is a Baseline ProgramRead MoreInformation Technology Project Management Appendix Answers Essay19447 Words   |  78 PagesSolutions to Accompany Information Technology Project Management, Sixth Edition ISBN-10: 0324786921 ISBN-13: 9780324786927 Course Technology MIS Series Companion Web Site: Kathy Schwalbe, Ph.D., PMP Table of Contents CHAPTER 1 CHAPTER 2 CHAPTER 3 CHAPTER 4 CHAPTER 5 CHAPTER 6 CHAPTER 7 CHAPTER 8 CHAPTER 9 CHAPTER 10 CHAPTER 11 CHAPTER 12 APPENDIX A APPENDIX B APPENDIX C List of solution files available and referenced in this document, in alphabetical order:Read MorePmp Exam Preparation Questions32679 Words   |  131 Pagesanalysis, and quality audits are all Perform Quality assurance tools. Ishikawa diagram illustrates how various factors might be linked to potential problems or effects. As part of the project s quality assurance efforts, your audit team is using these tools in your software development project. Which stage of the project management life cycle are you in? A Planning process group B Executing process group C Monitoring and controlling process group D Closing process group 2 Which one of the

Computational Multibody Model Elbow Joint Health And Social Care Essay Free Essays

Abstraction: Computational multibody mold can be used as a various tool to analyze joint mechanics, joint hurt, examine ligament map, and to foretell joint contact force per unit area. This paper describes a fresh method for the development and rating of a computational multibody theoretical account that represents human elbow flexion- extension associated with forearm pronation-supination. An expeditiously developed theoretical account can help sawboness and other research workers in the design and rating of interventions for cubitus hurts, and contribute to the improvement of patient attention. We will write a custom essay sample on Computational Multibody Model Elbow Joint Health And Social Care Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Therefore, it is really much necessary to analyze biomechanical technology to develop and formalize an effectual cubitus theoretical account for the optimum intervention of cubitus upsets prior to their application in patients. The computational theoretical account accurately predicted flexion-extension gesture bounds, and relationships between coronoid procedure remotion, flexure angle, and varus constraining forces. The theoretical account was besides able to calculate parametric quantities that the experimental probes could non, such as forces within ligaments and contact forces between castanetss [ 1 ] . Introduction: The cubitus articulation is the 2nd most normally dislocated joint in grownups [ 2 ] . Relative to hurts and upsets of the lower limb, there is relatively small grounds to direct intervention of many elbow hurts [ 3 ] . Computational theoretical accounts of the cubitus could profit our apprehension and intervention of upper appendage upsets. Multibody mold is an effectual and powerful tool in biomechanics. The multibody patterning attack has been used by research workers for patient-specific preoperative planning, computer-aided surgery, and computer-aided rehabilitation. Biomechanical computational theoretical accounts of the cubitus have been developed, but all limited their pertinence by presuming fixed joint axes of rotary motion, ordering specific kinematics, simplifying ligament features or disregarding gristle consequence [ 2, 4-6 ] . Therefore, the cardinal aim of this survey was to develop and formalize a multibody theoretical account of the cubitus articulatio n that includes representation of articular gristle and ligaments as non-linear viscoelastic springs. The topic specific theoretical account was validated by comparing predicted bone kinematics to mensurate gesture of the identically loaded corpse cubitus utilizing a bi-axial mechanical examiner. The overall end of the undertaking is to put capable specific articulation theoretical accounts within musculus driven musculoskeletal motion simulations of the upper-extremities. Methods and Materials: The experimental and multibody patterning methods were similar to that described by Stylianou et Al. [ 7 ] and Bloemker et al. [ 8 ] . One fresh frozen corpse cubitus ( 44 old ages old, female, left cubitus, 152cm tallness, 41 kg mass ) was used for this survey. The humerus caput was cemented with a cylinder that was attached by a flexible joint articulation to a Bose 3510 bi-axial mechanical examiner. The triceps musculuss sinews was sutured and tightly connected to a burden cell that was stiffly attached to the top cylinder of the testing machine. The elbow bone was besides fixed to a cup connected to the mechanical examiner via a cosmopolitan articulation ( Fig 1 ) .The radius was free to revolve. For each simulation kinematics of the humerus and ulna were obtained utilizing stiff organic structure markers and a 3-camera Optotrak Certus system ( Northern Digital, Inc. , Waterloo, ON, Canada ) and the forces on triceps sinews were recorded by a burden cell ( Model SBO-100, Temecula, CA 92590 ) . The initial place and orientation of cadaverous bone geometries relative to the dynamic simulator were recorded utilizing a examining tip with the Optotrak system. After proving, the cubitus was dis-articulated and the median collateral ligament ( MCL ) , sidelong collateral ligament ( LCL ) , triceps insertion/origin sites were measured with an Optotrak digitizing investigation. 3 omega ten Y Load Cell Ired Localizer 2 1C: UsersmmrhwbDesktoppictureElbow # 2 # 3 proving images A ; videos100_0183.jpg C: UsersmmrhwbDesktopReportpictureabs_model_pic.jpg Fig 1: Experimental Setup Fig 2: Model Apparatus Computed Tomography ( CT ) scan images of the cubitus castanetss and localizers were taken to do 3D bone geometries. The plan 3D Slicer ( ) was used to make the bone and localizer geometries from the CT images by utilizing car cleavage. Geomagic Studio ( Geomagic, Inc. Research Triangle Park, NC ) was used for file transition and post-process filtering of the cubitus geometries including smoothing, taking spikes, and cut downing noise. The bone geometries and ligament insertion/origin points were aligned in MSC.ADAMS ( MSC Software Corporation, Santa Ana, CA ) by utilizing the initial place points and point clouds of each bone ( Fig 2 ) . The ligaments and musculus sinews were modeled as nonlinear springs utilizing a piecewise map depicting the force-length relationship for each package [ 9 ] . A subprogram was written in ADAMS to depict this relationship. This subprogram was derived from the ligament force as a map of strain, the length of each ligament in the place i t was constructed, the measured zero-load length and the ligament stiffness. The zero-load length of each package was determined by ciphering the maximal straight-line distance between interpolation and beginning sites throughout the by experimentation measured full scope of gesture and so using a rectification per centum of 80 % [ 8 ] . The gristles geometries were modeled as stiff organic structures of 0.5 millimeters unvarying thickness by squeeze outing cartilage country of bone surface by utilizing Geomagic shell map. Soft contacts were applied between gristle geometries utilizing a contact map in MSC.ADAMS that allows for interpenetration of the geometries to imitate soft tissue [ 7 ] . Consequence: The theoretical account is validated by comparing the kinematics and RMS mistake of each bone and triceps tendon force obtained from the theoretical account versus the experimental information. The comparing of kinematics graphs demonstrates that the theoretical account replicates the experiment. A A Degree centigrade: UsersmmrhwbDesktopReportpicture3_y_abs.jpg C Calciferol FoC: UsersmmrhwbDesktopReportpicture6_y.jpg Figure 3: Comparison of Movement in y-direction of Humerus ( A ) , Ulna ( B ) and Radius ( C ) . Motion informations are taken from Marker 1, 2 A ; 3 shown in Figure 2. Degree centigrades: UsersmmrhwbDesktopReportpicture ricep_force.jpgC: UsersmmrhwbDesktopReportpicture7_y_abs.jpg Figure 4: Comparison of triceps tendon force BMarker No. Marker 1 ( millimeter ) Marker 2 ( millimeter ) Marker 3 ( millimeter ) Tricep sinew force ( N ) RMS mistake ten 2.40 ten 5.90 ten 10.0 6.5 Y 1.96 Y 2.54 Y 6.20 omega 1.27 omega 4.80 omega 9.37 Table 1: RMS Mistake in x, y A ; z way for marker 1,2 A ; 3 and tricep sinew Discussion: The chief purpose of this survey was to make and formalize a topic specific computational multibody theoretical account of the elbow articulation composite to foretell joint behaviour. Model cogency was successfully demonstrated through comparings of fake kinematics and triceps tendon tenseness informations obtained from cadaver experiment. The chief advantages of this theoretical account are the ability to foretell ligament and contact forces which are really hard to capture by experimentation [ 1 ] . Future work includes utilizing non-uniform distinct gristle, adding more ligament packages, annulate ligaments, and patterning soft tissue wrapper. The developed techniques will so be used for capable specific musculoskeletal motion simulations of the upper-extremity that include anatomical theoretical accounts of the cubitus. Recognitions: This research is funded by the School of Medicine, University of Missouri-Kansas City. Mentions: [ 1 ] J. P. Fisk and J. S. Wayne, â€Å" Development and Validation of a Computational Musculoskeletal Model of the Elbow and Forearm † , Ann. Biomed. Eng. , Vol. 37, No. 4, pp. 803-812, April 2009, [ 2 ] J. de Haan, N.W.L. Schep, D. Eygendaal, G-J. Kleinrensink, W.E. Tuinebreijer and D. den Hartog â€Å" Stability of the Elbow Joint: Relevant Anatomy and Clinical Implications of In Vitro Biomechanical Studies † The Open Orthop. J. Vol.5, pp.168-176, May 2011. [ 3 ] L. M. Ferreira, J. A. Johnson, Graham J.W. King, â€Å" Development of an active cubitus gesture simulator to measure kinematics with the humerus in the multiple places † , J Biomech. Vol. 43, No.11, pp. 2112-2119, August 2010 [ 4 ] F.C. Anderson, M.G. Pandy. â€Å" Dynamic optimisation of human walking † . J. Biomech Eng. Vol.123, No.5, pp.381-390, October 2001. [ 5 ] . A.S. Arnold, S.L. Delp. â€Å" Rotational minute weaponries of the median hamstrings and adductors vary with femoral geometry and limb place: deductions for the intervention of internally rotated pace † , J. Biomech, Vol. 34, No.4, pp.437-447, April 2001. [ 6 ] . T.M. Barker, C. Kirtley, J. Ratanapinunchai, â€Å" Calculation of multi-segment stiff organic structure joint kineticss utilizing MATLAB † , Proc. Inst. Mech. Eng. [ H ] , Vol.211, No.6, pp.483-487, 1997. [ 7 ] A. P. Stylianou, T. M. Guess, J. L. Cook, â€Å" Development and proof of a multi-body theoretical account of the eyetooth knee articulation † , Comp. Meth. Biomech. Biomed. Eng. , DOI: 10.1080/10225842.2012.684243, pp. 1-8, May 2012. [ 8 ] K. H. Bloemker, T. M. Guess, L. Maletsky, K. Dodd, † Computational Knee Ligament Modeling Using Experimentally Determined Zero-Load Lengths † , The Open Biomed. Eng. , Vol.6, pp.33-41, April 2012 [ 9 ] G. Li, J. Gil, A. Kanamori, S. L. Woo. â€Å" A validated 3-dimensional computational theoretical account of a human articulatio genus articulation † , J. Biomech. Eng. Vol.121, No.6, pp.657-662, December 1999 How to cite Computational Multibody Model Elbow Joint Health And Social Care Essay, Essay examples

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This is a reflection paper for... free essay sample

This is a reflection paper for Self-Psychology class, Spring Quarter taught by Dr. Lane Gerber.For this paper, Alina Olaru and Michael Gonzales are working together and they have chosen to write about Ordinary People, a psychological movie. This movie has had a tremendous impact on us, and after watching it and discussing it, we had concluded that the story unfolded in the movie is a very representative example for the field of psychology and especially psychotherapy.Alina:Ordinary People is the story of a family of four once, now of three (Conrad, Calvin and Beth) and focuses mainly on the three of them after the accident and the way they deal with the pain and recovery after the loss. The film presents a family that has turned into separate individuals living in the same house and who cannot communicate their pain positively. The familys inability to communicate their problems and to work together as a system lead them down to a path where they each felt an individual breakdown and eventually one as a family. We will write a custom essay sample on This is a reflection paper for or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Conrad shows serious signs of depression and PTSD and he has trouble sleeping, presenting on and off nightmares of trauma. His overall life and activities it has been affected tremendously by this trauma and he doesnt show any signs of recovering. Conrad is the identified patient of the Jarrett s family and he is the youngest son of the family. He returns home after four months of hospitalizing after a serious suicide attempt. Because the novel focuses on two different people, there are several conflicts throughout the novel that are specific to those individuals. The central question in Conrads story is whether he will be able to recover after his suicide attempt. As Dr. Berger points out, half the people who attempt suicide will try to do it again at some point in their lives. The inclusion of Karens suicide towards the end of the novel is a way of reminding the reader that Conrad may not have recovered completely even when he seems to be getting better; after all, Karen seemed to be doing well when Conrad met her for a Coke earlier in the novel.Another important part of this story is if Calvin (father) and Beth (mother) can recover and work their problems together. Their conflict is fundamentally around the communications problems between them. My understanding is that Calvin believes that their problems can be solved through communications and through talks and expressing feelings, while Beth doesnt seem to explore much of the past instead she wants to move on with her life. The mother who represents the perfectionism, wants everything to appear to be normal. She thinks Conrad s suicide attempt wanted to hurt her, and she doesnt know how to deal with it and how to really show affection to him. She seems to have lost this part of herself and doesnt want to make efforts to regain her parenthood skills.The movie in general unfolds the story of Conrad whom deals with

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Can Britains political system continue mostly unchanged given its European Union Membership

Can Britains political system continue mostly unchanged given its European Union Membership Introduction Unlike many other nations of the world, Britain does not have a written constitution. A written constitution consists of all the laws and by-laws of a country that have been written down and explained in details. In a written constitution, every law that governs a particular nation is usually contained therein. A written constitution therefore consists of one large document, containing all the laws of a country.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Can Britain’s political system continue mostly unchanged given its European Union Membership? specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, the British constitution is not contained in a documented book, but the different rules and laws governing the country are contained in different documents. Some of the laws are not even contained in any document, but nonetheless, they exist and are in use (Jones, 2009). The British government exercises full parliam entary sovereignty, whereby the parliament is able to pass all the laws of the country. In addition, parliament has the final word on most matters concerning the nation. The British governance is thus dependent on the customs and traditions of the nation. Just as many other nations have rules that have to be followed by members of the society, albeit informally, the British government also works in a similar manner. In 1970, Britain joined the European Union and the question that now arises is whether the British government will have to change its mode of governance in order to fulfill the demands of the European Union (Jones, 2009). The most evident structure of the British government is the parliament. Parliament exercises full supremacy in the nation. In all the undertakings of the British government, the final decision rests with the parliament. The British parliament is built around democratic governance and this ensures that all its actions are directed towards democratic gove rnance. On many occasions, it has become necessary to change issues that harm or affect people negatively. On the other hand, if something does not seem to have any harmful effect, I do not think it would be of any use trying to change it (Jones, 2009). The unwritten constitution The nature of Britain’s unwritten constitution seems to be the best thing for the entire British kingdom. This is because British laws are not constant but dynamic. For this reason, I am obliged to support the idea that Britain should continue with its current mode of governance, whereby use is made of the unwritten constitution even though the country is now affiliated with the European Union (Jones, 2009).Advertising Looking for research paper on government? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The rules and regulations governing Britain can always be changed to suit any situation that arises. For example, changes in the economy can easi ly be incorporated by changing the laws of the nation. This is one of the strong points that have enabled Britain to be on the forefront in matters concerning the economy. In a written constitution, any changes in the economy of a particular nation cannot be incorporated into the nation immediately they occur. This is because doing so would be against the written law and hence, illegal. It would take some time for such changes to occur because the constitution would have to be changed as well. By the time the constitution is changed, sometimes the intended changes may no longer have a positive impact on the people, unless the intended effect is long-term. Among the countries with a written constitution, the courts have the power to strike down the judiciary of the country. However, this is not the case with Britain since, it is only parliament that has the legal supremacy over all the other sections of the nation (Jones, 2009). This does not give the courts the authority to strike d own any of the actions of the parliament. Sometimes, the actions of the courts are not usually up to standard since they must adhere to the written laws and regulations. As such, they do not take into account the benefits of a given situation at present or in the future. This brings in the issue of legal and non legal rules (Jones, 2009). All the laws contained in a written constitution are the legal regulations that should be followed at all times. This rule out the possibility of having to do something that is against the constitution, even though it may not be harmful. In Britain, both the legal and non-legal rules are contained in the constitution. The non-legal rules constitute a significant part of the constitution. These are referred to as conventions. The conventions are also flexible, in that they can be changed when need arises, unlike the written laws. However, not everybody is entitled to such conventions at all times. One can fail to adhere to a particular convention at a particular time when they feel that it is the best thing to do. This cannot be termed as illegal or against the law since conventions are not there to be followed at all times. This is unlike in the written constitutions where there are no legal and non-legal rules. All the laws are classified as legal and anybody who goes against these written laws is deemed to have defied the constitution. Consequently, such a person may be prosecuted in a court of law. In conventions, the court does not have any power over their influence (Politics Association, 1988).Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Can Britain’s political system continue mostly unchanged given its European Union Membership? specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Considering that the British government has been operating under an unwritten constitution and that no major chaos has arisen due to this form of governance, it would really be hard for the people to understand the need to change from an unwritten to a written constitution. Since Britain is now operating under a coalition government that is required to conform to the laws set by the European Union, this does not necessarily mean that Britain has to adopt a written constitution (Jones, 2009). The best thing that needs to be done is to for Britain to adhere to the laws laid down by the European Union. Whether the European Union laws are incorporated into Britain’s constitution in written form or unwritten, the most important thing is to acknowledge their presence and abide by them. If Britain’s constitution is changed from unwritten to written, it may bring about some adverse effects. The people are already used to the unwritten constitution and most of them are aware of the laws and regulations that govern the nation. With the adoption of a written constitution, the flexibility of laws would be cut short and it would be hard for the nation to catch up with the changing dynamics of the economy (Jones, 2009). Human Rights Act The European Union contains many written and well explained laws. The fact that they are written does not mean that everyone in any country under the European Union is fully conversant with each and every law. Only a few people could be fully aware of such laws. Thus, the best thing is to be aware of the existence of the laws and to follow them to the best of your capability. A major problem that seems to arise is whether British courts can acquire the power that the Human Rights Acts enforced by the European Union offers (Jones, 2009). Again, the Human Rights Act encourages cooperation between the legislature and the judiciary of a nation but the final say is always reserved to the parliament. This shows that although courts in Britain may end up acquiring some more power as a result of the Human Rights Act, the parliament can still retain its role as the final decision maker of the nation.Advertising Looking for research paper on government? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This shows that no major changes need to be effected in the British government as a result of the Human Rights Act being in operation. British can still retain the supremacy of the parliament because, the main theme of the parliament’s actions are to the benefit and welfare of all the nation’s citizens (Politics Association, 1988). Conclusion In conclusion, the British government does not necessarily have to change the laws of its nation for having joined the European Union. What needs to be done is to enforce the laws that have been outlined by the European Union. These can be exercised alongside the laws of the nation. At the national level, Britain can continue with its operations as before but when it comes to matters concerning the coalition government, Britain is bound to follow the laws outlined by the European Union. Parliamentary supremacy has been the mode of governance and it can still continue to be, with only a few changes occurring to the courts, since, d ue to the Human Rights Act, they are bound to acquire some more power than before (Jones, 2009). Reference List Jones, B. (2009). British politics today. Manchester: Manchester University Press. Politics Association (Great Britain). (1988). Talking politics. London: Politics Association.

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Where To Find Free GMAT Practice Tests

Where To Find Free GMAT Practice Tests    Getting ready for the GMAT can be one of the most daunting tasks of your life if youre serious about getting into graduate school for your MBA. You want to score as high as you can. You want the very best test prep materials, whether that be GMAT books, apps, or classes. Above all else, you want to find GMAT practice tests so you can simulate your testing experience again and again to make sure youve got it right. Does that sound accurate? If so, here is a list of GMAT practice tests available for you to prep your little heart out.   GMAC   GMAC, the Graduate Management Admission Council, offers free GMAT practice tests for would-be testers through their downloadable software. With the software, you get 90 free practice questions -  30 Quantitative, 45 Verbal, and 15 Integrated Reasoning - along with two free full-length GMAT practice tests with answers. There are a ton of other bonuses like a GMAT Quantitative review along with tools you can use to create your own practice questions. If you need more than what is offered on the free version, you can extend your studies by coughing up the cash.   Get The GMAC GMAT Practice Test Babson (F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business)   Sure, theres a bit of a caveat. It wouldnt be American if there werent, right? Youll have to sign up via email and agree to accept emails from Babson college along with the Economist GMAT tutor, but you can always stop those if necessary. The good part is that you can sign up and take a micro (20 minute), mini (100 minute) or full (2.5 hours) GMAT practice test online and get a detailed analysis of your mistakes along with comprehensive tips to fix those errors. Now, thats just a win-win. Get The Babson GMAT Practice Test The Princeton Review   Ready to use one of the biggest names in the test prep world to get your free GMAT practice test? Of course you are. The Princeton Review offers free testing; based on your zip code, it will either be self-paced online or in-person. Youll take the test  with the same testing conditions as the actual GMAT, so youll be able to figure out the kind of mental strength and personal skills needed to master this bad boy. Bonus? You will receive a personalized score report that shows your strengths and weaknesses. Get The Princeton Review GMAT Practice Test Veritas Prep A computer-adaptive test, one thats just like the real test GMAT, is way  better than the tests youll use in a GMAT book. Enter Veritas Prep. They offer a CAT GMAT so youre experience is just like what youll see on test day. Youll also get score performance analysis and the option of buying six more GMAT practice tests for just $15.00 once youve taken the free test. Now, if thats not a good deal, I just dont know what is anymore.   Get The Veritas Prep GMAT Practice Test Kaplan Kaplan, the largest name in test prep, offers a free GMAT practice test in a couple of different ways. First, you can choose the self-proctored GMAT test and take the test any time at your convenience. Or, you can choose the live online version, where youll take the GMAT test with an instructor online and be able to get your questions answered via live chat. Either way is a win, considering both are free and both offer  detailed score analysis, answers and live explanations from the Kaplan faculty.   Get The Kaplan GMAT Practice Test Final Notes The best thing you can do for yourself is to take one of these GMAT practice tests cold. Dont prepare. Dont even crack a GMAT book. That way, youll know how to focus your studies when you  do  start preparing for the exam. Your strengths and weaknesses will be exposed so you can better manage your study time.   Best of luck!

Saturday, February 15, 2020

PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION - Essay Example These two areas are very important because the front office provide the first impression that guest have about a hotel. The front office agents must therefore exhibit high standards of mannerism in greeting guests, welcoming them; smiling and having guests feel at home. The root cause of negative mannerism and knowledge at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis hotels front desk services can be categorized as inadequacies in personnel, procedures, policies and equipment. The weaknesses on the blueprint are on the physical evidence and the onstage employee action areas since they affect customers’ actions. In the blueprint for the Marriott Marquis Hotel, front office is physical evidence. Physical evidence in this case is the environment and people within the front office area. For every moment of truth and each action taken by the customer, the physical evidence that customers come into contact with is critical (Baum & Odgers, 2001). Front office consists of tangibles, that customer come into contact with that are likely to influence how business customers perceive quality at the Marriott Marquis Hotel’s front desk. Poorly arranged front office will deter business customers from booking the hotel. Onstage employee action is the second area on the blueprint that is affected by the weaknesses mentioned above. Front office are onstage employees and are actively involved in making reservations, giving suggestions, phone calls receiving, manage registration process, fulfilling guest needs/delivering bags, solve their problems, and process the registrations of their business customers. There is high degree of interaction with business customers in the blueprint thus the type of interaction influences their action. Poor manners and knowledge by front office agents will definitely results into poor guest experience and impression of the hotel. In this respect, personnel attributes such as poor training, attitude, poor communication etiquette, bad customer